Dental Implants West Lakeland MN | 3 Reasons Dental Implants Are Right For You

Dental Implants West Lakeland MN

When we interact with others, often our first response is to smile. If your smile has missing, dead, or rotten teeth, it can be hard on one’s self-esteem. However, getting dental implants from your local dental clinic can completely change how you feel towards your smile. Because they are like natural teeth, they are more convenient to deal with than dentures and can last a lifetime. If you’re interested in making your smile look like new, here are 3 reasons dental implants are right for you: Dental Implants West Lakeland MN

You Can Practice General Hygiene

A huge reason why dental implants are so convenient is that they can last a lifetime and are like regular teeth. This means you can use regular hygiene methods to clean your teeth. You should maintain general oral hygiene practices with dental implants because those areas are still subject to bacteria growth and thus, infections. If you neglect to clean your natural teeth and dental implants daily, you could experience a gum infection that causes damage to your implants, gums, jawbone, and remaining teeth. The only thing that is really different from cleaning your natural teeth versus your implanted teeth is that the dental hygienist and doctor will need to use tools other than the typical metal tools. If you have tooth loss or damage and are looking to replace them with dental implants, call Stillwater Family Dental, your local dentists in West Lakeland MN today to schedule an appointment.

They Are Secure In Your Mouth

A big critique of dentures is that they are held to your gums by oral glue. While there are many different kinds of denture glue out there, some working better than others, nothing beats having teeth that stay permanently in your mouth. Dental implants stay firmly in your mouth because they are surgically secured to your jawbone. This means that after you’ve closely followed the aftercare directions given by the dentist, you can eat without worrying about whether or not your teeth will stay in. You should be able to chew on just about anything that you would with regular teeth, although doing so cautiously is always a good idea. Because getting dental implants is a large decision, call your local dental implantation services in West Lakeland MN, Stillwater Family Dental, and you can set up an appointment to talk to a specialist.

They Protect Your Jaw Bone

When you have rotten or missing teeth, your jawbone is at risk for damage. This is because the missing teeth create a hole for the bacteria to collect which causes the jawbone to deteriorate. Dental implants are a good way to stop, correct, and even prevent this from happening by filling the hole and stopping the deterioration of surrounding teeth and bone. If you already have bone loss, you can have a bone graft done so that there’s enough jawbone to support the needs of the implant. While this could take months, there are short-term teeth solutions your dentist can set up for you. Call Stillwater Family Dental, your local dental clinic in West Lakeland MN today to talk about dental implants near you.

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Dental Implants West Lakeland MN

Dental Implants West Lakeland MN

Dental Implants West Lakeland MN

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