If a tooth has become severely injured, infected, or decayed, our experienced dentists may recommend root canal therapy. The dental pulp (the soft, innermost layer of the tooth) and tooth nerve may become infected if tooth decay or injury reaches past the outer enamel and deep inside the tooth. To restore the health of your smile and to prevent the infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth, we often recommend a root canal in Stillwater, Minnesota. Root Canal Therapy Stillwater MN | Root Canal Stillwater MN

Root canal therapy involves removing the damaged and infected dental pulp and tooth nerve. We then fill the tooth with a special material that is medicated to prevent future infection. Finally, we seal the tooth with a dental crown or filling. After root canal therapy, your tooth will be returned to its original structure and function. Dr. Perpich and Dr. Carlson, and the rest of our friendly dental team will ensure that your dental treatment is as painless and pleasant as possible. Dentists Near Me Stillwater MN | Dental Crowns Stillwater MN

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may need root canal therapy. The most common symptoms of tooth infection include severe tooth pain, extreme tooth sensitivity, and tenderness in the nearby gums. Call us today to learn more and to schedule your visit with our dental team at Stillwater Family Dental. Dental Clinics Near Me Stillwater MN | Root Canals Stillwater MN

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