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COVID-19 has had an effect on our lives in many ways–more ways than we can even imagine. And that includes our health and well-being as well. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that COVID-19 has also been affecting many people’s oral health as well. One of the ways that COVID-19 has been negatively impacting people’s oral health is by causing a large number of people to develop bruxism. Here is some info about bruxism and how to treat it: Dentists Marine on St Croix MN

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism, otherwise known as teeth clenching and teeth grinding, is a common side effect of stress. Teeth grinding generally occurs at night while people are sleeping, and it can result in your teeth becoming worn down faster and can even affect the alignment of your teeth. This can potentially result in cracks and chips in your teeth, tooth decay, and TMJ disorders/TMD if it goes untreated.

How Does COVID-19 Cause Bruxism?

One of the primary causes of bruxism is stress, and COVID-19 has been a source of all kinds of stress for many people. When people become stressed, they sometimes clench or grind their teeth without even noticing or do so while they are asleep at night. Bruxism can lead to many different types of oral health issues, which is why it’s important to make sure that you are getting treatment for your bruxism if you have it.

How To Treat Bruxism:

The best way to treat bruxism is to schedule an appointment with your local dentist and have them assess the damage that has been done as well as come up with a custom-tailored solution to help you stop clenching and/or grinding your teeth. Oftentimes custom mouth guards can be made to help to protect people’s teeth so that the the clenching/grinding doesn’t affect your teeth. However, there may also be other solutions that are needed in order to solve the problem, which is why it’s a good idea to meet with a professional dentist and to get their advice and help.

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Dentists Marine on St Croix MN

Dentists Marine on St Croix MN

Dentists Marine on St Croix MN