Pediatric Dentists Stillwater MN

Many people often dread going to the dentist or have some level of anxiety when going in for a dental cleaning and dental exam. However, for children, visits to the dentist can be even scarier and more anxiety-inducing, especially if they aren’t properly prepped before their visit. Here are some tips on what you can do in order to help your child overcome their fear and anxiety about going to the dentist: Pediatric Dentists Stillwater MN

Dental Anxiety In Children

Dental anxiety is incredibly common for both adults and children alike, but children tend to be more prone to it, especially young children, because they often don’t understand what’s going on or why they’re being subjected to uncomfortable and unusual procedures, like teeth cleanings, dental treatments, and examinations. That’s why dentists always advise parents to talk to their children and to help prep them before trips to the dentist’s office so that the visit can go smoothly for everyone involved. For more information on dental anxiety and tips on how to treat it, feel free to contact your local pediatric dentist in Stillwater MN at Stillwater Family Dental today.

Tips For Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

While it can sometimes be difficult to prep your child for a visit to the dentist, especially if it’s their first visit or one of their first visits, there are some things that you can do to better prepare them. Here are some things you should try to do in order to help prepare your child for a visit to the dentist and to make them feel less anxious about their trip to the dentist’s office:

  • Keep your explanations of going to the dentist simple and positive.
  • Avoid using any words that could potentially scare them or cause them to worry unnecessarily.
  • Explain why going to the dentist is important and what the purpose of these dental cleanings, procedures, and exams are.
  • Have your child meet a dentist before the examination.
  • Try doing a pretend visit to the dentist with your child beforehand by using a toothbrush to count their teeth.

For more information on different strategies to consider implementing in order to help reduce your child’s apprehension about or fear of going to the dentist, feel free to contact your local dental clinic in Stillwater MN, Stillwater Family Dental.

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Pediatric Dentists Stillwater MN

Pediatric Dentists Stillwater MN

Pediatric Dentists Stillwater MN