Sedation Dentistry Oak Park Heights MN

Have you been thinking about utilizing sedation dentistry options at your local dental clinic for your next dental procedure? Dental sedation is commonly used by many dental patients during their visits to the dentist, especially for certain invasive dental procedures. Here is some information on what dental sedation is, how it works, and what the different types of sedation dentistry are: Sedation Dentistry Oak Park Heights MN

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation includes sedation methods used in dentistry in order to calm patients or put patients to sleep during dental procedures. The goal of sedation dentistry is to make dental procedures more tolerable, comfortable, and less painful or anxiety-inducing for dental patients. Sedation dentistry is generally used in conjunction with pain management methods and can even be used to ease the pain and anxiety of certain pain relief methods, such as Novocaine injections and so on. To learn more about dental sedation, feel free to contact your local dental clinic in Oak Park Heights MN, Stillwater Family Dental, today.

Types of Dental Sedation:

There are 3 primary types of sedation that are commonly used by dentists to ease dental patients’ anxiety and calm them down during procedures:

  • Nitrous Oxide – also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a sedative that you inhale during your procedure to calm you down. While it does not put you to sleep, it relaxes you and helps to ease anxiety and discomfort during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide can take immediate effect once a patient starts breathing it in and it wears off quickly once they stop inhaling it. Since the effects are very mild and are contingent upon the patient continuously breathing it in in order to work, most patients are allowed to drive themselves home once the effects of the nitrous oxide have worn off.
  • Oral Sedation – oral sedation consists of a dental patient taking a prescribed sedative orally in pill form before their procedure. While sedated patients are still awake during the sedation period, oral sedation can offer major anxiety relief during dental procedures, and oftentimes patients remember very little or nothing at all of the procedure after the effects of the sedative have worn off. Oral sedation is generally the recommended form of dentistry for patients who suffer from major anxiety during visits to the dentist.
  • IV Sedation – there are two types of IV sedation: “twilight” IV sedation, wherein the patient is conscious but unaware of their surroundings and often doesn’t remember the procedure even taking place, and general anesthesia, wherein the patient is completely unconscious. IV sedation is a less common form of sedation dentistry and is generally only used for oral surgery or for patients who don’t feel comfortable with other forms of sedation.

For more information on the different types of sedation dentistry that are available and which one would be the best option for you and the dental procedure you are planning on doing, feel free to consult the best dentists in Oak Park Heights MN at Stillwater Family Dental.

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Sedation Dentistry Oak Park Heights MN

Sedation Dentistry Oak Park Heights MN