Dental Bridges in Stillwater, MN

Bridge the gap in your smile.

An old couple smiling together while his arms around her shoulder

Replace Your Missing Teeth

An old couple smiling together while his arms around her shoulder

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you’ve likely noticed a negative impact on your smile’s function, appearance, and health. A missing tooth makes even simple tasks like eating and speaking difficult. Take back control and make your smile whole again with a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are a stable, natural-looking way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. They literally bridge the gap left by missing teeth. Each of our dental bridges in Stillwater, Minnesota, is made of one or more artificial teeth and two dental crowns. Our dentists attach the crowns to the adjoining teeth or dental implants to support and stabilize the restoration.

The custom bridge helps restore your ability to properly eat, chew, and speak. It also relieves stress on the bite and prevents the remaining natural teeth from shifting. Last but not least, a bridge enhances your smile’s appearance plus helps improve facial shape and volume. Stillwater Family Dental helps you feel good about your smile.

Placing a Dental Bridge

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